Welcome to the RVHS Math Department

he math department at River Valley High School strives to provide students with a clear approach to college and career readiness. With the states transition to Common Core standards, and the implementation of the Integrated Math pathway, we as a staff are working diligently to provide needed support to students in as many ways as possible. Integrated Math students will experience a math course that is much different than their previous courses, one that focuses on students learning more critical thinking and application of math than they ever have before.  We believe this is a stronger preparation for students for future coursework and that they will have a better math experience because of it. Finishing a sequence of math courses is not a race.  For college and career preparation purposes, it is important to take math through the senior year and we will be here each step of the way.

Blaser, Adam
Collins, Jana
Fleisher, James
Gainok, Michael
Goodman, Ashely
Hearn, Kristine
Jain, Mukesh
Jenkins, Erik
Lammert, Larry
Olson, Erik
Rhodd, Janice
Sharma, Mutka
Webb, Nadine